Navasana Spa at Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort

A visit to Navasana Spa is a voyage to inner and outer beauty. Come with us on a journey to complete calm, relaxation, and balance. Find serenity with local healing traditions and ancient wisdom that are combined with therapeutic treatments from around the world. Purify and rejuvenate body and mind to natural equilibrium and refreshed energy. Gift certificates are available.

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Open daily 10 am - 8 pm
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Navasana Signature Massage (90 minutes)

ハワイの伝統的マッサージ技法のロミロミと、世界最古のヒーリングセラピーの一つであるタイマッサージを組み合わせた特別なトリートメントをご用意しています。 マッサージの内容は、長く安定した継続的に流れるようなストロークとタイのヨガストレッチです。 エネルギーフローを開放し、筋肉の緊張を緩め、肉体と精神のバランスとハーモニーを回復します。

Floral Foot Ritual
Navasana Signature Massage

Navasana Lullaby Ritual (120 minutes)

Prepare for deep sleep with this relaxation ritual. A calming milk bath with floral petals leaves your body heavenly soothed and de-stressed. The rich scent of lavender essential oil calms your mind. A head-to-toe massage using carefully applied pressure techniques kneads your muscles into submission. Naturally blended massage oils promote a deep sense of calm, balancing the nervous system and easing an overactive mind. Comfortable bedding and Good Night sleep kits are provided to help induce deep rest.

Floral Foot Ritual
Calming Milk Bath
Relaxing Massage
Chamomile Tea with Bedtime Snack
Good Night Sleep Kit

Indulgent Thai Discovery (120 minutes)

This therapy is inspired by ancient Thai healing traditions passed from generation to generation. The experience begins with a Tamarind Scrub, an exfoliation technique that leaves your skin moisturized, brightened and softer. This is followed by either Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Herbal Compress Massage which helps release tension, improves flexibility, and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

Floral Foot Ritual
Tamarind Scrub
Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Koh Samui Romantic Journey (180 minutes)

Pamper your body with the secret healing properties of coconut. A calming milk bath nourishes and promotes radiant and silky smooth skin. A coconut scrub and wrap purifies and returns your skin to a more natural state. Finish with an Aromatic Massage of specially blended oils of your choice: Balancing, Calming, Energizing or Detoxifying. Ease tired muscles, release tension, and increase blood flow and circulation.

Floral Foot Ritual
Calming Milk Bath
Coconut Scrub
Coconut Wrap
Aromatic Massage

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