Coral Planting at Konotta Island

アウトリガー・コノッタ・モルディブ・リゾート and Best Dives Maldives are collaborating on a coral planting program to regenerate the beautiful reefs surrounding Konotta Island. 

The resort's resident marine biologist, Caterina Fattori, is championing this very significant effort. Caterina's experience with reef ecosystems in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, Thailand, and now the Maldives will help us better understand how climate change and other threats are challenging the health of our coral reefs. Her knowledge of coral conservation techniques have been applied to a regular program of coral restoration. 

New coral beds are being created with reusable steel reinforcement rods where concrete tablets, seeded with new coral, are placed. Over time, an entire reef structure grows and flourishes. Existing reef structures are carefully maintained by controlling invasive species like the crown-of-thorns starfish. See the progress of coral planting on Facebook.

Resort guests of all ages are invited to workshops conducted by Caterina to learn about coral reef caretaking. 

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