A celebration of surf culture in Waikiki

Waikiki Beach is an iconic destination for several reasons: the view of Diamond Head. The mai tai cocktails. And of course, the surf. Surf culture is at the core of what makes the area so special. Our Surfer In Residence program features professional surfers and their families who "talk story" with guests, and ultimately head out for a surf session. Experienced surfers with their own boards are welcome to join for a complimentary surf session, no RSVP necessary. For those less experienced, lessons and boards are available at Faith Surf School at Outrigger Waikiki.

Surfers In Residence

We could talk about the culture of surfing all day long - we live and breathe it here on Waikiki Beach. But instead of doing that, we’ll just show you what makes the Surfer In Residence program so special.

The Smith Brothers

Alex, Koa and Travis Smith are the ultimate trio. The brother are professional surfers as well as the founders and owners of The Sunrise Shack. It's our favorite stop post surf-sesh, or anytime really.


Pohaku Stone

Not only does Pohaku surf, he does it on a hand-carved wooden board, just like he was taught to do.


Tony Moniz

Tony surfed the Association of Surfing Professional World Tour and was an invitee to the prestigious Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational for 22 years. Tony and his wife, Tammy, also founded Faith Surf School.